Slide Single Burner Stove Our mission is to promote and distribute clean cooking alternatives at affordable prices, as well as, produce the biofuel necessary for their use. Products


About us

A bioenergy venture, CleanCookAfrica is the tradename (DBA) of Southline Coast Inc., a Delaware registered company, and its wholly-owned Ghana subsidiary, Southline Coast Ltd., with a mission to promote and distribute clean cooking alternatives at affordable prices, as well as, the biofuel necessary for their use.

The Problem

Evidence from the most recent World Health Organization survey on the global burden of disease shows that nearly 600,000 Africans (over 16,000 in Ghana) die annually and millions more suffer from chronic illnesses caused by air pollution from inefficient and dangerous traditional cooking fuels and stoves.
70% of households in Ghana depend on firewood or charcoal as their primary energy source for cooking, exposing them to household air pollution.
Over 90% of the rural population depends on firewood or charcoal to meet their cooking needs with a large percentage of families spending significant portions of their income on charcoal.

Yet charcoal is one of the major agents of deforestation and is also a form of energy waste. At the time of its production, 80% of the energy contained in the wood is lost to the atmosphere. The smoke and particulate emissions are also particularly dangerous for the environment

The use of kerosene and charcoal for cooking has negative consequences for health and the environment. Inhaling carbon monoxide acts on the respiratory system, the immune system, and on the heart of exposed people. It is also one of the main causes of the high mortality rates in Ghana and over 600,000 deaths annually in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The Solution